Hello BCUMC Family! 

How are ya'll today? Please find all the information you may need right here for our church family. 

Never forget:

You are never alone.

We love God through loving others.

We support BCUMC with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and our story.

.... love you!


Many ways that you can use your gifts:

How to give financially

Offer the gift of your time, your thoughts, or your work.


The best way to tell your story is to intentionally live your life around other people, especially other people who have no community. You can do this with a little more intentionality in a Small Group or you can simply ask God to show you who are friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors who have no community. Then it is simply a matter of inviting them over to eat or to go out to eat or to check out The Harbor together.  

We don't go into relationships looking to 'convert' someone.....No, we simply go into relationships with the offer to love others and be loved by them. As you get to know each other over time, natural opportunities to share your story will bubble up in conversation. Conversation that could include your love for Christ and the hope that can be found in our God.  You might find that these friends come to you when they are going through difficulties in this life and you have the chance to share your own story with them. It is always more important to offer our attention and friendship, because our story speaks.  

We pray that our stories speak of Christ and his transforming love in our lives.  Now, THAT is contagious!