Our Church

Bee Creek UMC began in 2002 when a handful of people dreamed of starting a new faith community in their neighborhood. In the early days, we rented space, set up chairs, and even swept up beer bottles to get our space ready for worship. To be part of this church in the early days meant rolling up your sleeves, an aspect of our DNA we still cherish. We are a community that serves. 

We've learned to risk great things for God. From moving to our own land, to adding a gym for our community, to starting a worship service outside our walls. We haven't always known how things would work, but when we hear God calling, we wade in. And, oh, the miracles we've seen!

We share these core values:

We believe that children matter.

We believe that youth lead.

We believe in authentic worship.

We believe we all need good friends.

We believe we can change the world together.

We are called to be a community of imperfect people who are transformed by God's perfect love and change the world together. We seek, each week, to be our true selves and allow others to do the same. We long for God's love to transform and shape us. And we give of our time and money to restore and bring hope in our community and around the world.